Colorado Marijuana

Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2012. According to, marijuana has generated $1 billion legal business annually in Colorado since January 2014. Now, starting October 1, Colorado has started implementing new rules pertaining to medical and retail marijuana products.

According to Colorado marijuana laws, a new universal symbol will be required for all marijuana packaging and products. Importantly, the packaging should not be appealing to children. The rules were formulated to promote public safety, increase awareness and to help people in accurately identifying marijuana products.

The law makes it mandatory for every edible marijuana product to bear a diamond-shaped stamp and the letters T-H-C, representing tetrahydrocannabinol – the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Even brownies, candies and every other edible product should comply with this rule.

The step was taken as people have been complaining that these marijuana treats resemble the non-addictive candies, which may make it difficult to differentiate between the two. However, the new law will ensure that people aren’t confused and make the right choice when it comes to picking a marijuana-laced candy or a non-addictive one. That way, a parent does not have to smell or sniff a candy to declare it safe for the child.

Law will help protect children from accidental pot ingestion

There is a litany of bindings the marijuana laws carry and not limited to just the exhaustive labeling and packaging rules. The laws also enforce that there should be childproof zippers and lids, along with warnings that the product should be kept away from children and that it should not be eaten before driving or is not fit to be consumed by pregnant or nursing women.

“We want to ensure that people genuinely know the difference between a Duncan Hines brownie and a marijuana brownie, just by looking at it,” said Democrat state representative Jonathan Singer, who sponsored the law requiring stamped edibles.

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The state, however, does not have any statistics regarding the number of children and adults who consumed pot accidently, by failing to identify between the real and marijuana-laced. But surveys conducted in hospitals reveal that more children were treated with accidental pot ingestion after its legalization.

These accidental ingestions have caught the lawmakers’ attention who sprang into action and are trying to safeguard the children and non-users from consuming the edibles laced with marijuana. The labeling of products like candies and cookies may be easy for manufacturers, but it is difficult with certain products like granola or marijuana-infused sodas or powders that can be dissolved in water.

Keeping this point in mind, the packaging also requires the manufacturer to print “Keep out of reach of children” tag in their products, which will ensure that these are not safe to be consumed by children. Due to this new enforcement by the Colorado lawmakers, several manufacturers had to buy new molds for their products which may contain marijuana.

Colorado is also mulling a new law next year. It will ban any edible marijuana products in the shape of a fruit, animal or human. As per officials, the shapes could entice children.

Dealing with addiction

Be it addiction to marijuana or to any other substance, dependence on any drug is harmful. Long-term and chronic addiction can also be fatal for users. Treatment remains the sole remedy for such individuals.

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California Pot Shops

The beautiful city of San Francisco is a melting pot of cultures and professions. Because of this, all the districts tend to have their own distinct characters, and even their own unique micro-climates. This is a brief guide to the districts of San Francisco, and what to consider when moving to the city.

North Beach

The historical region of North beach is full of great views, and is recognised as a safe, family friendly area. The area has great public transportation options and just as well, as the parking situation can be horrific. Despite the area’s family friendly reputation, there’s still a good amount of nightlife, but perhaps more orientated towards an older, more sensible crowd. There’s plenty of green space in the area and whilst it can seem a little over crowded at times, on the whole, this is considered a great area to live in.

The Mission

This ethnically diverse, edgy and artistic area experiences some of the best weather in the city. However, the streets can be crowded, loud and can appear a little run down and grimy. There’s little greenery in the area, and like North Beach, the public transport’s great, but the parking is awful. The area is perhaps more suited to 20-somethings, although there are a lot of families in the area too.

The Marina

Plush, posh and upmarket are just some of the superlatives that can be used to describe the Marina. Rent and house prices are very high here, but it’s easy to see why when looking around the area. There are lots of open spaces, including the setting for the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, a major attraction in the area. As with most of San Francisco, there are plenty of great restaurants, bars and clubs, as well great shopping centres.

The Castro

The Castro caters mostly for the huge gay scene in San Francisco, with a plethora of gay bars and nightclubs in the district. There’s a wide variety in terms of shopping and restaurants, and also a few parks in which to enjoy the sunshine. Rent is average in comparison to the rest of the city, but this area is not what you’d call family friendly. This is definitely an area for the younger, more nightlife-orientated crowd.

Noe Valley

This is an affluent district, similar to The Marina but on a smaller scale. Once again, the shops and nightlife options are plentiful, but traffic in the area can be a nightmare. There’s very little green space, and rent is in the higher bracket for the city. There are plenty of younger couples with children in the district, and the number is on the rise. The area can be a little overshadowed by the surrounding hills, but the rest of the city is only a tram ride away.

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This is a small, quiet community with a progressive attitude. This is perhaps the most family orientated area in San Francisco, but can at times feel a little cut-off from the rest of the city. However, this may be a desirable situation for those who want the option of escaping city life when needed. There are parks for the children, while the shopping and restaurant situation is good, but perhaps there’s not as much variety when compared to other parts of the city. Parking is OK in the area, but public transport is limited.

The Richmond and Sunset

This district has a true neighbourhood feel to it, a rarity in modern city life. With beaches nearby and decent public transport and parking, this area is wonderful for families. There’s even great shopping and nightlife. Unfortunately, due to San Francisco’s unique micro climate, this area can be foggy and cold, even when other areas of the city are enjoying sunshine. Rent is average for the city, but this area does offer some of the best value for money on the market.

Russian and Nob Hills

Located in the centre of the city, these hills are home to a great number of young professionals. The hills are steep, but some parts of the district are very easy on the eye. There are isolated areas with a high crime rate, but this is generally a safe place to be. The house prices are moderate, and this is one of the rare areas of San Francisco that can offer both good public transport and parking.

The Haight

The Haight is a vibrant, diverse district. The area is crowded, arty and full of life, with lots of character-filled boutiques and unusual restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of poverty in the area and beggars are commonplace. Generally, this is not a family friendly area, although some pockets of the district have become a haven for family life, with a great deal of green spaces and parks nearby. This is another area that can offer great value for money.


Often considered the “coolest” district in San Francisco, SoMa (South of Market) can offer some of the of the finest warehouse and loft spaces in the city. Its close proximity to downtown adds value to house prices here. Some pockets of the district are unsafe after dark, so these crime hotspots should be avoided if moving into the SoMa area. This area is very popular with the young and wealthy, and rental costs are high.

San Francisco has been an incredibly desirable place to live for years, and this is reflected in the cost of renting and buying homes in the area. Prices have risen even further since the dot com boom of recent times. The computing epi-centre of the west, Silicon Valley, is in close proximity to the San Francisco Bay area, meaning the city has become a hub for technological innovation. The rental price of a one bedroom apartment in the area is roughly $1,500 per month, and co-renting is commonplace in the area due to the steep property prices.

However, San Francisco can offer one of the best job markets for young, skilled workers. Just walking around the city makes it obvious why so many people are keen to move to the area. There’s a district to fit almost anyone’s personal tastes. Homes are so sought after in the area that it is sometimes best to go by word of mouth, and ask around for advice on properties that may be coming on the market in the near future. Keep on the look-out and it won’t be long till you have your dream home, set in the stunning beauty of Northern California.

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Arizona Marijuana

The state of Arizona has one of the most horrible drug problems in the United States. Previously and presently, the state is known as a transshipment place for a multiplicity of drugs, including cocaine, heroin and marijuana, which are trades in from other countries. As a consequence, these and other drugs are broadly obtainable in the state, and their mistreatment is frequent. There are most likely few states that necessitate the existence of treatment centers as this one does – thankfully rehab centers in Arizona are some of the most excellent in the world.


Alcohol treatment in Arizona occurs when the alcohol assessment showed verification of alcohol maltreatment and/or dependence on the defendant. It is compulsory or mandated by numerous states that the individual convicted undergo complete treatment/rehabilitation prior to the reinstatement of certify and driving civil liberties and the defendant must show proof of total treatment before sending them off to the public road. A number of alternatives are presented for alcohol treatment or rehabilitation is present counting number present in a particular support group meetings, outpatient analysis, healing sessions and inpatient detoxification and experience residential therapy and treatment in known facilities.


When looking into different drug treatment in AZ choices available to you, you will find they all tender different approaches to the difficulty. This is imperative because some clinics take an advance of rehabilitation of one size fits all, whereas others work to plan a program about the addict. Looking into a variety of programs and inspection to see which one will work for you or your loved one can assist to make sure that they will get the experts help that they want.

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There is an extensive variety of Arizona treatment centers that utilize a variety of different methods to facilitate the patient break their addiction. Some of these will have meticulous specializations, which might be more proper for assured, types of patient, so it is forever reasonable to find out as much as you can about an Arizona drug rehab before making an appointment.

Arizona Marijuana

Texas Marijuana

The problem of substance abuse, especially among teenagers, is a rapidly growing concern in the United States. According to the December 2016 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the use of illicit drugs other than marijuana in 2015 was reported to be 5.4 percent among the eighth graders, 9.8 percent among 10th graders, and 14.3 percent among the 12th graders.

Adolescent drug abuse is associated with common problems such as absenteeism from school and other activities, declining grades and a higher risk for discontinuing education. However, lifelong issues, like chronic health problems, substance dependence, and financial and social consequences, can also be an outcome of regular alcohol abuse.

Although the authorities have been taking a tough stand to curb the issue of substance abuse among the teenagers, nothing substantial has been achieved so far. However, implementing drug prevention programs at the school level can go a long way in dealing with the rising drug and alcohol addiction problem among teens.

Interestingly, executing such prevention programs can effectively reduce the problem of substance use in not only the person addicted to illegal substances but also his near or dear ones.

Preventing drug abuse to avoid the onset of substance use

Prevention programs for substance abuse generally aim at enabling a person to restore his or her normal functioning through sustained recovery and to reduce the negative effects of drug use on the society, at large.

Such programs usually focus on the individual suffering from any kind of substance abuse as well as on his or her surroundings. On the other hand, environmental prevention programs refer to the incorporation of changes in community conditions or policies, which eventually reduce the availability and demand for addictive substances. Some of the common substances that are typically targeted by these programs are alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, as well as opioids.

Effect of drug prevention programs on participant’s friends

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In order to meet the specific goals, prevention programs are available in three different forms – comprising family-based prevention programs, school-based prevention programs, and community prevention programs. Serving the common goal of reducing the problem of substance abuse in the society, the programs also have a positive effect on the friends and family of the addictive participant.

According to a 2015 study published in the “Journal of Adolescent Health,” the Strengthening Families Program for Youth 10-14 (SFP10-14) significantly helped in reducing substance use problem not only for the participants but also for their friends who participated in the intervention. It was found that the positive effects of intervention percolate down to the non-participants who are constantly in touch with the participants during the intervention program.

Surprisingly, there was a marked reduction in unmonitored socializing (unsupervised time spent with friends) of the nonparticipants, along with significant changes in their attitudes toward substance use.

Precisely, the SFP10-14 is a process in which the families of children aged between 10 and 14 years come and have a meeting with the intervention facilitators once a week for seven weeks. This is done to discuss parenting practices, substance use, and other key areas such as communication skills and responses to peer pressure.

Seeking professional help

Curbing the issue of substance abuse is the need of the hour as it is taking a serious toll on the lives of the individuals involved as well as their kith and kin.

Texas Medical Marijuana

Florida Medical Marijuana

Addiction has always been a major threat to the society because it destroys the lives of both young and old people around the world. People are addicted to the different kinds of drugs, from cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol and some prescription drugs. Whether you are looking for an addiction rehab centerfor yourself or on behalf of your family member, reaching out for help isn’t always easy. The growing numbers of addicted individuals reflect the number of addiction treatments, but practicing caution when selecting one of these treatment centersis the top priority. Here are some tips for choosing the right addiction treatment center.

Know your addiction

Since most centers treat specific types of addiction like drugs or alcohol, it is of great importance to understand what type of substance you are addicted to. If you are addicted to alcohol, an Alcohol Treatment Center is best to help you to become sober. If you are addicted to prescription drugs, a drug rehab center is the ideal de-addiction place for you.

Do some extensive research

Extensive research provides a large number of treatment centers that offers a wide variety of services. Recommendations from family, friends and media advertisements are common. With the boom of internet usage today, extensive research can be done right from the comfort of your own home. When choosing, make sure to consider the reputation, accreditation, credentials, staffs and programs offered.

Check out the facilities and programs

It is imperative to explore the facilities provided by getting detailed information on the treatments and programs offered. Alcohol Rehabs in Florida offer residential, short stay, extended care or outpatient services. They may provide a holistic treatment approach if the services include psychological and medical treatments.

The calculated expense of the treatment

The expense incurred is an important aspect to look for. If you are covered by an insurance policy, consult with your service provider before the treatment begins. Most drug rehab centers will help you qualify your benefits prior to scheduling your stay.

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The entry requirements

Whether you’re a new or a relapsing client, support groups and information sessions like Drug Rehab Center in FLwill always accept you. The only entry requirement is to abstain from drug or alcohol use when you begin the program. Abstinence is not always requirement for psychological program, but medical programs require abstinence because of the detoxification effects.

Know the philosophy of treatment

Whether it’s spiritual, mental or physical, you must agree with the program’s philosophy. All addiction treatments have different philosophies. The Good Future Rehab Center of Florida uses a 12 step approach.

The time and duration of stay

Contrary to the stereotypes, many people continue to work full-time or part-time. Good Future Rehab Center offers either a full-time residential program where staying in the center for 24 hours a day for weeks or months is needed or a part time outpatient basis where only a few hours are required per day.

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center is only the beginning. When the addicted person decides to undergo a treatment, challenge will come when abstaining from an addictive substance or behaviour. Whether drug or alcohol, Good Future Rehab Center is a fantastic way to overcome your addictions.

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Medical Marijuana Doctor

Before you can use and consume medical marijuana, you first apply for a medical marijuana identification card. You should fill up all forms of the Colorado medical marijuana forms including the Application for the Identification Card and Physician Certification Form which is filled up by the physician who recommended the treatment. You can contact the Medical Marijuana Registry if you have more inquiries. All pertinent documents and application forms should be complete otherwise it will be returned to the applicant.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for the identification card application:

1. The Colorado medical marijuana forms must be complete upon application.

2. You can pick a primary caregiver and put it on your application though you are not really obliged to do so. The caregiver will be the one responsible for the management of your well-being and must therefore be at least eighteen years old or older.

3. Next is to fill up the medical doctor information.

4. Affix your signature and the date of application.

5. Have your physician complete and sign the Physician Certification form. Licensed medical doctor can only sign this form in Colorado.

Spring Hill Medical Marijuana Doctor

6. Give your complete application to the registry within the 60 days when the physician affixed his or her signature. Photocopy of valid ID specified by the registry should be presented upon application.

7. The application fee is $90.00 (non-refundable).

8. Send all your requirements to the Colorado Public Health and Environment Department.

Verification will be done within 30 days after the application has been filed. Once approved, you will be able to receive your identification card within 5 days after the verification.

Only one card will be given to each patient. The caregiver, if designated, will not be given any card. Be sure to keep a copy of the documents you submitted to the registry for future use or in case your identification card will be lost.

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Recreational Pot

If you are suffering from debilitating medical symptoms that are symptomatically chronic by nature, you are probably – and more than likely have been – on the quest for true relief. A large number of people are quickly realizing that conventional prescription drugs are riddled with associated side effects, drug interactions and even adverse reactions. Many drugs, like pain relievers and muscle relaxers, happen to tax the internal organs, and tend to be habit forming and addictive. It’s for these reasons and so many more why you may want to consider a more naturopathic approach with Medicinal Marijuana Los Angeles

How does the Medical Cannabis Los Angeles Program Work?
The city has created a medical cannabis Los Angeles program to aid patients who are suffering like you. In light of the many clinical studies which purport that cannabis offers safe and effective treatment for 1000s of different conditions, voters have decriminalized it and created this program to help you. The only way that you can become a part of this program is by making an appointment at medical cannabis Los Angeles and seeing a doctor to get recommended for a card for marijuana Los Angeles today.

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Is it Illegal to Use Medicinal Marijuana Los Angeles?
If you are a holder of a valid card that is issued by the city health department, then you have nothing to fear by using this natural medicine. In fact, you are protected by two very important laws that allow you to possess, use and even grow and transport this medication. Senate Bill SB 420 was passed in 2003, which protects you from prosecution fully, and the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 was the original Medicinal Marijuana Los Angeles law to take effect.

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Benefits of a Card for Marijuana Los Angeles
There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy when being a card holder. Some of them include: 1. Legal protection from arrest. 2. Allowing you to use, possess, transport and grow medicinal cannabis. 3. Affording you access to marijuana dispensaries. 4. Protecting you from discrimination from using cannabis medically. 5. Knowing that you are abiding by the laws of your state.
Easy Steps to Getting a Medical Cannabis Los Angeles Card
If you are interested in getting your medical cannabis card in LA, there are some easy steps you can take in getting one. 1. Make an appointment at Medicinal Marijuana Los Angeles 2. See your doctor and get a Los Angeles marijuana recommendation. 3. Submit your recommendation, application, fees and other documentation to the state health department. 4. Receive your LA medical marijuana card by mail, valid for up to one year.

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If Cannabis Cures Cancer?

So what would happen if this was true? What if Cannabis cures cancer?

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it would be the most significant discovery of medicine ON THIS PLANET of ALL TIME!

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it would help the world’s population with our biggest health issue in the modern day.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it must have been known for years, right?

Cannabis Sativa, the plant, is known for it’s relaxing effect on body and mind. Wrongfully illegalized by politicians many years ago. If Cannabis Cures Cancer or just helps on the curing and recreational process of a cancer victim… It must be the best option for all humans to look more into this plant instead of categorizing it with what we call hard drugs.

The Cannabis Sativa plant has been spoken of as early as in the Bible. The plant has been with us for all time.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer why haven’t we been told of this?

The correct answer is disturbing.

Our politicians and media are what we seek out for information regarding a subject. It has given us the impression that it is a valid source of information and must be correct… However, this is not true in this case.

“What If Cannabis Cures Cancer” is a Documentary aimed at all of the research done with Cannabis and Cancer.

Successful research gets too little credit and media coverage.

“What If Cannabis Cures Cancer” provides you with a strong story told by several doctors and physicians, claiming their involvement in this research and spreading the word of it’s good.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer, we have been neglecting this plant for decades for what we thought was moral reasons.

The truth behind the plant is uncovered in this documentary as a medicinal plant with strong health benefits, not only in cancer treatment but also in other areas like Diabetes, MS, Epilepsia, Migraine and a whole bunch of other diseases and conditions.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it would be great. However, this plant cures and lingers more diseases and conditions than any other plant we know of, or have even heard of.

This plant is The One Plant we should both admire and respect for its existence.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer is no longer a question… It is a fact.

The only disclaimer here is that we cannot cure cancer for you.

Nor can we provide more accurate data than the Doctors have already provided with.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer and it is illegal in your country, then we URGE you to help us spread the word so Cancer patients ALL OVER THE WORLD can support each other in getting the right kind of medicine legal.