If Cannabis Cures Cancer?

So what would happen if this was true? What if Cannabis cures cancer?

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it would be the most significant discovery of medicine ON THIS PLANET of ALL TIME!

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it would help the world’s population with our biggest health issue in the modern day.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it must have been known for years, right?

Cannabis Sativa, the plant, is known for it’s relaxing effect on body and mind. Wrongfully illegalized by politicians many years ago. If Cannabis Cures Cancer or just helps on the curing and recreational process of a cancer victim… It must be the best option for all humans to look more into this plant instead of categorizing it with what we call hard drugs.

The Cannabis Sativa plant has been spoken of as early as in the Bible. The plant has been with us for all time.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer why haven’t we been told of this?

The correct answer is disturbing.

Our politicians and media are what we seek out for information regarding a subject. It has given us the impression that it is a valid source of information and must be correct… However, this is not true in this case.

“What If Cannabis Cures Cancer” is a Documentary aimed at all of the research done with Cannabis and Cancer.

Successful research gets too little credit and media coverage.

“What If Cannabis Cures Cancer” provides you with a strong story told by several doctors and physicians, claiming their involvement in this research and spreading the word of it’s good.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer, we have been neglecting this plant for decades for what we thought was moral reasons.

The truth behind the plant is uncovered in this documentary as a medicinal plant with strong health benefits, not only in cancer treatment but also in other areas like Diabetes, MS, Epilepsia, Migraine and a whole bunch of other diseases and conditions.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer it would be great. However, this plant cures and lingers more diseases and conditions than any other plant we know of, or have even heard of.

This plant is The One Plant we should both admire and respect for its existence.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer is no longer a question… It is a fact.

The only disclaimer here is that we cannot cure cancer for you.

Nor can we provide more accurate data than the Doctors have already provided with.

If Cannabis Cures Cancer and it is illegal in your country, then we URGE you to help us spread the word so Cancer patients ALL OVER THE WORLD can support each other in getting the right kind of medicine legal.